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Crepe City: London’s biggest sneaker festival


London’s biggest lifestyle, fashion and footwear festival is coming to London, and there’s still time to buy a ticket.

Sunday 29th of November 2009 saw the birth of the UK’s first ever Sneaker Festival, where collectors and key traders in the UK sneaker scene could meet up and socialise over their love of unique fashion. Eight years later, Crepe City has continued to create the same buzz for sneaker lovers all over, and tickets are flying off the shelves.

Founded in 2009 by two friends Ronal Raichura and Paul Smyth, Crepe City aims to showcase leading streetwear brands from across Europe, and host the world’s largest market of exclusive trainers and clothes. Since the pair began, Crepe City has grown to form a huge following of people passionate about all things sneakers. If this sounds like you- get yourself a ticket and get down there.


Crepe City almost screams the word exclusive. Whether you’re after the limited-edition pair of sneakers from your favourite leading brand. Or, want to get in early on a pair from an up and coming brand you’ve had your eye on- you’ll find it there.

The pair who started the festival, have dedicated their time and effort into turning Crepe City into more than just a place to buy, sell and swap sneakers. Prior to starting the company, they ran the ‘KicksXchange’ forum, which was launched in 2006. This then came to be one of the world’s leading forums for buying and selling sneakers. It is this level of dedication already given by the company, that makes the whole event just that little bit more special.

Crepe City is about meeting people with a mutual love for sneakers, with an urge to express themselves through fashion.

Tickets for the event come in three tiers:

Tier 1: 11AM entry. Highly limited ticket, CC goodie bag, early entry. £25 + fees.

Tier 2: 12PM entry. Queue Jump (allows re-entry). £15 + fees.

Tier 3: General admission. £10 on door, £5 (+ fees) online.


Queues can start from as early as 6am, and by 11am when the doors open, there can be as many as hundreds of sneaker heads waiting to get in. So if queuing isn’t for you, we’d recommend spending that bit extra for the VIP tickets. If not, queues tend to die down by 3pm and you should be able to get in with general admission relatively quickly. Plus, sellers bring hundreds of pairs of shoes with them, and there will be thousands of pairs available in different sizes throughout the day. No need to worry then, if you get there a little bit later than the rest.

As most events tend to be, Crepe City is largely a cash only event. So, make sure you bring the right amount for budget you’re looking to spend. Although some vendors will have a card machine, your life will be a whole lot easier with a wad of cash in your pocket. Apart from that, there are really no rules or guidelines in how to best enjoy your day at the festival- only that they advise any under 16’s to be accompanied by an adult.

With over 3500 shoppers attending the event, and around 250,000 people catching the action online, Crepe City provides an experience like any other for sellers and buyers alike. Every year Crepe City is based in an iconic spot in London, providing the perfect atmosphere for your fierce day of shopping. This year, it will be held at Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, in the heart of one of London’s most loved shopping districts.

Crepe City is going to be one of the hottest fashion and streetwear events of the summer. Get your tickets now, and be sure not to miss it.

Georgia Wright