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Ventura County, CA


The city of Ventura.

The city of Ventura, California may not be at the top of your travel destinations but this small city in Southern California has many reasons it should. I admit that I am biased towards the city that I once called home.



There are many reasons to visit Ventura: history, shopping, beaches, entertainment.


Ventura has a rich history. The official name being San Buenaventura. You will discover this history in the murals and the mission. You can see so much history just by parking close to Main Street. The mission is close to the murals which is close to the museum.


There is plenty of shopping to be found. Both national chains and small boutique stores along Main Street and other areas of the city. If you are an avid reader, as I am, there is one book store that you should visit. There are plenty of thrift shops if you are looking for a good deal.


The beaches are worth the visit to Ventura by themselves. If you don’t like the beach but love the ocean you can take a stroll on the pier. If you arrive at the beach early in the morning you will most likely spot surfers in the waters.



There are plenty of entertainment venues in the city including: mini golf, music venues, artist galleries, movie theatres, and more. There is plenty to do in Ventura but Ventura is only a short drive from places like: Santa Barbara, Magic Mountain, and Los Angeles (Hollywood).


jason whitaker