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Have you ever wondered why airplane windows have tiny holes in them? Here is your answer

One of the many questions that aircraft passengers are asking themselves is why there are tiny holes in plane windows. Although many people may thint that there shouldn’t be holes in the windows of planes, in fact, they are there to keep us safe.

Those tiny holes are only present in the middle pane of our triple-glazed planes and without them, passengers could be in trouble, The Telegraph writes.

At high altitude the air pressure is lower and it contains less oxygen. That is why climbers suffer from altitude sickness. Moreover, at cruising altitude the pressure outside is even lower. Therefore, to make sure that those on board don’t pass out, the cabin air is pressurized, which puts an enormous strain on the windows.

Given that the brunt of the pressure is taken by middle and outer pane, through that tiny hole is relieved some of the pressure, allowing the outer pane to gradually take the strain.

Madeline Gorthon