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Canadians are reconsidering trips to America due to Trump’s ban. And they’re not the only ones

The fact that Trump’s travel ban impacted the tourism industry is not news. After the first bill was passed and chaos erupted at the airports across the country, travel operators started reporting the first cancellation. But what is surprising is that this didn’t only affect travel form Middle Eastern countries, but also countries with strong ties to the US.

Trump’s travel ban has hit the tourism industry and according to one Washington Post article, hotels are now trying new marketing strategies to bring in customers and one hotel is even handing out free Apple smartwatches to those that decide to hold their meetings there.

While the industry expected a fall in Middle Easter travels, according to data coming form Hopper, a traveling app, the figure for US went down even in countries with strong ties to the US, like Mexico and Canada.

According to the data, travel from China took the biggest hit with a fall of 40,7% of the weekly average. It is followed by Bahrain, Sudan and Iraq.

Travel form New Zealand and Ireland has also gone down with over 30% and Mexico with 20%. Even flights form Canada took a 13% hit.

The effect was dubbed the Trump slump and is expected to cost the industry billions in revenue. According to the Washington Post, $7.4 billion will be lost this year and in 2018, the industry could see their figures getting even lower with a projected loss of $10.8 billion.

And this for an industry that, according to experts, barely recovered in recent years after the 9/11 attack.

Sylvia Jacob