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Be sure to check out Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale


Everyone loves a sale, especially at Victoria’s Secret

Twice a year Victoria Secret holds their semi-annual sale. This is when many bras, panties, fragrances and other valuable goodies plummet in price. You can get a bra that was originally $34.50 for a mere $14.99. I myself snagged two bras and a fragrance all for $42. There were tons of women hovering over the bras as if they found gold. But then again who could blame them when some of those bras are less than half price?

Not only are the infamous bras and panties on sale, there are many beauty items on sale as well. There are a few perfumes that have gone from $52 to $24.99. Fragrance mists such as Scandalous and Eau So Sexy have gone from $25 to $12.99. In addition to that, there are $4.99 roller ball fragrances, half price lotions and scrubs as well as chic travel bags.


For all of my sporty ladies, there are items for you as well. There are sports bras starting at $9.99 when usually they start at $20. There are track pants, crop tops and duffle bags on sale as well. So if you need some work out gear or if you are an athlete in high school or college Victoria Secret is your one stop shop.

The sooner you come get your goodies the better. The sale just started earlier this week and will run until early July.


Krystal Goethe