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Summer beauty products to stay hot no matter what


The cosmetics you choose for your summer look have to be different from those you have been using all winter long, unless that is the “over-made-up clown with panda eyes” look is one that appeals to you.

Summer’s here and that means plenty of time outside in the sun, at the beach, at the pool or simply hanging out in a sunny corner of your yard. But just because you’re wearing fewer clothes right now does not mean you want to skimp on the makeup though, as most of us, if honest, just are not ready to go bare faced all summer long.

Most of the cosmetics that work so wonderfully well in the winter months are just too heavy for wear in the hot summer sun and so a trip to your favorite beauty outlet is a must before the temperatures rise.


The good news is that there are some really hot, summer friendly cosmetics out there right now that are not only perfect for creating a flawless summer look but that are also very affordable as well. Here are just a few of the products you should be on the lookout for when shopping for your warm weather make up bag:

A Great SPF 30 Moisturizer – Before you begin to create your summer make up look you need to make sure that your skin will be protected from the ravages of the sun. Whatever sunscreen you choose to use for the rest of your body, your facial moisturizer needs to have an SPF of at least 30 if you want to prevent permanent damage to your complexion.

Choose a product that is lightweight and absorbs easily and consider picking up a separate moisturizer for the very delicate under eye area that is prone to being the most easily damaged after even a short time in the sun.

Mineral Make Up – A regular foundation is just too heavy for the summer but a tinted moisturizer simply does not provide enough coverage to hide little imperfections and it does have the tendency to melt way in just a few hours. The new generation of mineral foundations is often a better choice. Applied in the morning they are gentle on the skin, last for hours and provide natural looking coverage that blends with your natural skin tone perfectly.

While you are at the makeup counter look for a mineral bronzer as well. A great bronzer can be a girl’s best friend in the summer because it can give you a sunkisssed look that’s far more natural looking than a heavy blusher. Mineral bronzers offer the advantage that they can be layered – using a nice big Kabuki brush – until you get just the right amount of bronze for your skin tone.

Waterproof Eyeliner – Huge amounts of bright eye color just look plain wrong out by the pool – take a look at Snooki in her Jersey Shore days – but bare eyes aren’t an option most of us want to consider either. Cream shadows simply do not work in the heat though, as they crease within in minutes and tend to become a sloppy, sweaty mess.

All you really need for a great summer eye for the beach is a two toned waterproof eyeliner. Apply the lighter shade along the lashes of your eyelid and use the darker shade to outline your lower lashes. If you really want to make your eyes stand out you could also pick up a white eyeliner pencil and use it to rim the inside of your eye. Add a light coat of waterproof mascara and you should have a sparkling hot look that will last all day.


Lipstain – Lipstick, and even most lip glosses are too heavy and sticky for summer wear and usually disappear before you have finished your first poolside cocktail. Lipstain is a fabulous warm weather alternative though. Usually it comes in the form of a big marker, which makes it super easy to apply flawlessly every time. The color is usually more subdued that a regular lipstick, which is perfect for your warm weather look and it lasts for hours and hours, however many Pina Colodas or frozen Daquaris you sip!

Melanie Evans