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Build a capsule wardrobe for every season!


Give your wardrobe and bank account a life changing experience!

Is your bank account shrinking to the additive shopping spree disease? We bet you have noticed your months seem to be a little longer than expected; as you are on a cash crunch right from the middle of the month. The reason is fault in your shopping addiction. Jumping on every sale notification, getting trapped into casual mall strolls for not required shopping is something which is eating up all your earned money.

Well, the fashion world has a solution to it in the name of ‘Capsule Wardrobe’. The term coined by a London based designer in 70s is about acquiring some perennial fashion essentials for your wardrobe which never seems to be out of vogue. The benefits of this style of dressing are aplenty and trust us – by reading a few here will make you want to give it a try:


CLEAN your closet’s sojourns!!

The pile of clothes in your closet never helps you decide what to wear in the morning. Hence, always the dilemma ‘I have nothing to wear’. In order to prearrange your fashion needs you should get rid of your fashion sojourns. They do nothing but make you feel like coming out of an old aunt’s cabinet with every other season. We know this is difficult, throwing out something which you got at a great bargain, that long queue to pay for that 10<sup>th</sup> pink dress in your wardrobe. It is a tough call, but a rather life changing one.

Idealize your style quotient!

Now that you have space in your closet it is time to think of your own personal style. Often in the rush to buy everything you lose your style statement. Have you ever given a thought to understand the kind of clothes you are found to be attired in. Individualistic sense of fashion ranks you a stand out from the crowd and with capsule wardrobe you can discover it in yourself. With your own style quotient kept in mind it can be a lot easier to choose the clothes, shoes and accessories for your capsule dressing.

Buy a better quality!

You are not running a rat race, you can with pleasure repeat your outfit. Don’t bother your social media posts will be in same clothes. You will be surprised many fashion bloggers are initiating the thought of repeating clothes in their posts. With capsule dressing you need to be a little smarter, you have to play around a dress in different forms. Hence, the idea of 1 dress 5 looks is so common in the fashion arena these days. This gives you a chance to buy a better quality of clothes which definitely lasts longer and with capsule dressing you buy a garment or accessory which is least to go out of fashion dynamics easily.

Neha Mishra