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Bags of talent and ambition from Qatar’s new man on the block


Fashion design moves from Europe to the Middle East. In the ultra-competitive world of designer handbags, the focus has always been on London, Paris, Milan and New York but, with the introduction of Fursan luxury handbags, there’s now a new man on the designer block, bringing a touch of the exotic to designer bags.

Established in 2009, FURSAN celebrated the grand opening of a beautiful flagship store in Qatar in 2016. Fursan is the brainchild of Ibrahim Al-Haidos, Engineer and entrepreneur turned designer.

30 year old Ibrahim says that part of his mission was to infuse his designs with his culture which is very close to his heart and he has especially achieved this with his Dazzah range of handbags which are influenced by the “embayyat” which is a gift given to a bride by her groom and is a symbol of prosperity.


Born in Doha, Ibrahim studied Engineering at the University of Liverpool, graduating in 2009. Although some might say that this subject has little to do with handbags, Ibrahim disagrees, saying that this subject features a great deal in the design of his handbags, explaining that a good quality handbag is very much a work of engineering as well as a fashion accessory. After leaving Liverpool, Ibrahim crossed the Mersey – and, in fact, the Atlantic – to study Sustainability in Boston before finishing his education with a Master of Business Administration from HEC Paris in Qatar. In addition, Ibrahim also studied luxury brand management.

The subject of sustainability is one which is extremely important for Ibrahim and he has managed a number of recent projects for Qatar Foundation including the Solar Smart Grid Project, the Qatar Foundation Tram (Still under construction, this project is unique for the region) and the E-Bike Share System Project.

Ibrahim says, “Qatar Foundation is part of a new way of thinking in inspiring the entire region seek alternative, environmentally friendly, renewable energy sources and, therefore, it has drawn up an ambitious plan to have a complete sustainable transport network and make education city a car-free zone in the near future In speaking about the QF project, Al-Haidos added, ‘Sustainability is a cornerstone of the mission of QF and, to achieve true sustainability, strategic thinking and vision is essential.’

Vision is certainly something that Ibrahim Al-Haidos does not lack – The prestigious Fursan flagship store in Qatar was opened in 2016 on La Croisette, a luxurious retail environment. Despite the success of the magnificent flagship store, Ibrahim Al-Haidos doesn’t intend to rest on his laurels and, already has ambitions toward stores in New York and Chicago.

Ibrahim says, ‘I would love my bags to be available in New York and Chicago as I feel that these are two of the most fashionable cities in the world, which is reflected in hugely popular TV programmes and films like Sex And The City and Mean Girls. These are cities known for a fashionable and elegantly styled population and I feel that Fursan handbags would be at home in both places, amongst others!’ Being the first Qatari brand, I was thinking of putting Qatar on the map of fashion. Qatar being a go-to destination for fashion is a dream that I would love to see come true.

Referred to as a “new man on the block” by Citizen K Magazine, Al-Haidos who lives in Qatar, says, “I have always had a romantic relationship with commerce and entrepreneurship. Combining my interest in leather goods and fashion, I seek to put Qatar on the luxury fashion map and make it a major destination for luxury brands. I want to give customers the true experience of extravagance by treating them as honored guests when they enter our glorious boutique.”

The Dazzah range of handbags which are available in grained leather, lizard, python and ostrich skins are already much coveted by the ladies of the Middle East and, with Ibrahim’s impressive drive and ambition, it is surely only a matter of time before his handbags reach the shores of cities around the world – as Ibrahim says, ‘Why should the ladies of Qatar have all the fun!’


For more information on Fursan and the Dazzah range of handbags visit:

Instagram: @fursanluxury @ibrahim_alhaidos

Nicci Rae