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The fashion and technology amalgamation


If you’re a 90s kid you can remember the hyperglobal t-shirt craze that saw you’re sweat patches change colour or those flashing light t-shirts that followed. Now technology and fashion are set to enter a synergy like never before – far superseding the heat responsive colours associated in the hay day with the 90s.

New fabrics are being created that are touch sensitive and incorporate electronics, Karl Lagerfeld is creating 3D printed fashion wear and patents have reached the market that incorporate nanotechnology and fashion.

A Nanotech Boot that can download software applications and process information has now reached the patent application stage. This footwear is intended to download fashion apps, from high-end couturiers, to project there designs on its’ surface. As the wearer of the footwear moves, the pressure sensors alter the images that are projected onto the surface of the boot.

loading... have also highlighted new fashion projects that create synergies with technology. Project Jacquard is one such fashion advancement, that will see conductive yarn interwoven with conventional fabrics, to create interactive surfaces on items of clothing. Not only are these designs interactive, but they have a supreme aesthetic quality.

The future of fashion will comprise of Nanotech fabrics that glow as they change temperature or handbags that double up as televisions. There are sure to be more uses of 3D laser sintering technology, within the fashion industry, which will create ergonomically designed footwear and eyewear, that may also double up as smart phones.