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Beauty trends 2017. Anti-aging neck tape

Last year we had a series of ridiculous and potentially harmful beauty and fitness trends such as the “collarbone challenge“, where women tried to balance as many coins on their neck or the scorpion nail art trends.

A new controversial treatment aims to firm your neckline without any need for expensive or painful procedures.

Nexsey is described as a medical-grade tape that diminishes the appearance of wrinkles on your neck. The product was created by the same people who created Fullips in order to help women achieve Kylie Jenner lips. This experiment resulted in a bruised mouth.

However, the product does not only come with advantages. The tape is so strong that the brand even recommends applying lotion, oil or water to help remove the adhesive as it may be painful without.

Despite the potential pain, the tape is very popular and has already sold out online.

Alexa Stewart