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The Chicago Cubs May Be Struggling a Bit in the National League, But Here’s Why Down the Road They’re Going to Rock It


And they’re most likely going to be a big hit for many, many more years to come.

We’re in full agreement that there’s a good chance the Chicago Cubs might not make it to the World Series 2017 even though they have the clout to pull it off after the remarkable showing they made last year. Their ball club is just memorable — plain and simple. And while they may not have the best record so far (they’re 72-60 at the moment), here’s the reason why we should be watching the Cubbies very closely and why pitchers everywhere need to start working more on their fastball.


Simply Put, the Chicago Cubs Recently Broke Another Record in Most Players on the Team Ages 25 or Less With 20 or More Home Runs Under Their Belt


Think about what that means to a ball club for a moment…. Hitters. Young. Hard-hitting. Home run hitters. That spells nightmare for many a pitcher when you think about it, but just recently Chicago Cub second baseman Ian Happ, a rookie, smashed his 20th home run of the season, signaling the massive defeat of the Pittsburgh Pirates.



And that home run is what cinched that record for the ball club as Happ joined his fellow young ball breakers Kris Bryant (24 home runs), Kyle Schwarber (24 home runs), Wilson Contreras (21 home runs) and Javier Baez (20 home runs). Even team-controlled Anthony Rizzo has a remarkable 28 home runs this season as well, so what does that tell you?


These Powerful Chicago Cubs Players Will Be Hitting More Home Runs and Line Drives for a Lot More Years to Come


At this moment, the Cubs actually rank second in home runs for the National League. Not too bad, but longevity might pull things off for the ball club of Chi-Town everyone’s been talking about. Aside from the major hitters of the franchise still young enough to blast a ball into the skies, the roster even includes new hopefuls like Addison Russell and Albert Almora. They even still have veteran Ben Zobrist who will be playing through 2019, and when you see that the win over Pittsburgh (it ended as a 17-3 victory for the Cubs!) was a massive team effort (eight Cubs each got at least one run for that game), you know people will be talking about their killer lineup. And pitchers will be quivering at the mound.


Take note, though — the Cubs currently have a 3.5 game lead in the NL Central. That happens to be the worst record for any division leader in the major leagues. But at the rate they’re going, it might not matter!


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