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The ultimate routine for strong legs

There are many lower-body exercises that promise stronger legs. If you want strong and muscular legs we have the right routine for you.

These three essential moves will give you an effective leg-strengthening session in less than an hour.

Front Squat

Ultimate leg workout for strong legs
Romanian deadlift

The Romanian deadlift requires slightly straighter legs than the conventional deadlift, and this setup better targets the hamstrings and glutes (a perfect counter to the quad-dominant front squat). For lower body strength and size, these posterior-chain muscles are the most important to train.

Leg Press

The leg press is a great finisher exercise for a lower-body workout. The quadriceps respond especially well to high-rep training, so burning out on this machine is a perfect complement to the low-rep front squats at the start of the session.

Alexa Stewart