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Why you need to eliminate this aliment from your diet if you want to be healthy

It is a well known fact that sugar is bad for us, but certain health professionals believe there might be a new “enemy” in the food world, namely soya.

Also known as soy in the US, soya beans are legumes found in tofu, miso, edamame, tempeh and soya milk. Furthermore, soya is used in processed foods such as burgers, sausages and lasagne – which allows producers to claim high protein contents. It is found in 60 – 70% of supermarket products and is largely used in the fast food industry, according to the Independent.

It is believed that soya is a good source of fibre and protein, but people are increasingly cutting it out from their diets nonetheless. Last year, Blake Lively revealed she had to cut soya out of her diet to get in shape for her role in The Shallows. “Once you remove soy, you realise you’re eating no processed foods,” the actress told the Australian radio show The Kyle and Jackie O. “So that’s basically what I did. No processed foods and then working out. [It] seems like, ‘Oh, that’s really easy to cut that out,’ but then you realise, there’s soy in everything. Like, everything you eat, there is soy in it. Even if it’s healthy, Whole Foods-organic stuff, there’s always soy in it.”

Those who want to eat healthy usually check nutrition labels to see how much fat, carbs and sugar a products has, but soya is an ingredient that almost nobody looks for. Soya can act like oestrogen making it harder to lose weight, as high levels of oestrogen can cause bloating and water retention. When trying to eliminate soya from your diet, you’re cutting out the vast majority of processed foods – and a lot of sugar as well. Cutting out soya can have quick results, according to Well+Good’s health editor Emily Laurence. “After just five days of nixing soy, my clothes were noticeably looser,” she said.

However, moderation is key. Having tofu a couple of times a week won’t have drastic effects. But if you know you are consuming too much soya and you feel your health could be better, you might want to try reducing your soya intake.

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