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How often you should wash your hair

There is no definite rule regarding how many times you should actually wash your hair, as it simply comes down to your hair type.

Thick and curly hair can benefit from a few days without washing, but thin and straight hair might need to wash their tresses every-other day. Furthermore, how processed your hair is will come into play, as it might prevent the oils in your scalp from travelling down the hair shaft as quickly as it does for those with fine hair, according to the Independent.

Washing your hair everyday actually removes the natural oils and sebum, which might lead to dry locks. If you reduce the amount of time you wash your hair each week, over time you will notice that it needs to be cleaned less regularly.

It would be ideal if you could wash your hair once or twice a week. If the hair gets oily, using dry shampoo on the roots might help soak up excess oil.

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