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The seven foods you need to eat if you are trying to give up sugar

Sugar has become public enemy number one. Although it has been linked to obesity, diabetes and abnormal brain functions, quitting it is harder than you imagine.

Normally, the less you eat, the less you crave, but before reaching that stage you will experience withdrawal symptoms. In order to stick to your plan, you might want to eat these foods, recommended by I Quit Sugar, an Australian company that encourages people to quit sugar.

1. Coconut oil

Although it is packed with saturated fats, coconut oil can curb your cravings. If you eat two tablespoons after lunch, it will satisfy your need for something sweet.

2. Liquorice tea

Liqorice tea, as well as other naturally sweet teas, can leave a sweet aftertaste that will leave you wondering whether it really is sugar-free.

3. Sweet potato

The small amount of sugar found in sweet potato are enough to satisfy your craving, while the starch will prevent you from overdoing it.

4. Carrots

Despite their sweetness, they also have plenty of fibre to fill you up. You may want to keep a box of carrot sticks in your fridge, in case of “emergency”.

5. Kombucha

Next time you reach for that diet soda, you might think twice. Kombucha is not only fizzy and sweet, but also does wonders for your gut.

6. Nut butter

Nuts are full of good fats and proteins that will keep your appetite under control. Choose an almond butter or a cashew butter, as those nuts are usually

7. Dark chocolate with 90% cocoa content

A 100g block of 90% dark chocolate has over a teaspoon of sugar, which is far less than your usual Twix bars.

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