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The latest superfood might already be in your fridge

Cheese is considered to be the latest superfood after a new study from Kyung Hee University found that it may help you live longer.

The probiotics found in Swiss cheeses – like Emmental and Gruyère – might help reduce inflammation and boost immunity. These products are also found in other dairy products, like milk, and can improve signs of ageing.

The researchers noted that the probiotics found in Swiss cheeses expand lifespan by protecting against pathogens, provoking an anti-inflammatory effect on the immune system and lowering the body’s stress responses, according to the Independent.

Although the research has only been carried out on roundworms, the authors believe the results might be aplicable to humans. A certain bacterium found in Emmental – Propionibacterium freudenreichii – boosted the worms’ longevity and turned lactate into acetate, propionate and carbon dioxide.

Previous studies already stated that eating cheese can help you be slimmer and protect you from heart disease.

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