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Pay attention to your eyes


We are so busy today that we hardly notice our body, especially our eyes. Unhealthy lifestyle is one of the main reasons for eye problems.

Dr Charu, ophthalmologist says that we can make some healthy changes to our lifestyle to avoid vision loss in future and to keep your eyes healthy.


Green leafy vegetables, fish, eggs and nuts etc are good for your eyesight and help prevent eye related problems. Obesity and type 2 diabetes are the major causes for blindness in adults. This can be avoided by a proper and balanced diet.


If you are a chain smoker, then there is a chance that you might get vision problems, the most common would be cataract.


It is advisable to wear good quality sun glasses while you go out in the hot sun to avoid UV exposure. Working beside a computer for long hours strains your eyes and makes them dry. So try taking breaks every one or two hours to give some rest to your eyes. Sitting in the right position also matters to your eyes. Your head should face the monitor screen in such a way that your forehead faces the top of the monitor.


People who use contact lenses should be extra careful because they are more prone to eye infections. They should avoid sleeping with their lens on. They should change the solution after every use and also throw them away after expiry. The lens manufacturer should be a reputed company too. Regular eye check up will help prevent eye diseases and cure them if they are found out early.

Poorni Sampath

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