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How to get rid of a cold quick

As the autumnal weather approaches, colds begin to circulate around offices and classrooms. It is best to begin treating a cold as soon as you feel that itch at the back of your throat.

The Independent made a list of tips you should follow when you’re dealing with a cold.

Keep eating and drinking

Consuming soups and clear broths, as well as drinking water and juice, might alleviate congestion and prevent dehydration. You should avoid alcohol, coffee and fizzy drinks, as these can make your dehydration worse.


Don’t try to battle your way out of a cold by going to work or school. This will delay your recovery and make everyone else sick as well. Take a day off if your body needs rest.

Soothe your sore threat

Taking anaesthetic and antibiotic throat lozenges can relieve a painful throat, as well as fighting infection. Boiled sweets, ice chips and gargling salt water can also help.

Sweat it out

Heading to the gym before your symptoms get worse might come in handy. Most viruses can only survive in temperatures of around 37 degrees. A fever helps with that, as it’s the body’s natural way of killing a virus. A workout will accomplish the same results.

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