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Beards keep you healthy and handsome

Rumor has it that beards are over and not so cool anymore, but British men still keep the beard trendy – and this might have some hidden benefits.

Despite the scientifically proven fact that beards make men more attractive, research has also shown that beards have certain health benefits as well. Beards can protect their owners from 90-95% of harmful UV rays with a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of up to 21, as a study by professors at The University of Queensland has shown.

“While beards will never be as sun-safe as sunscreen, they certainly are a factor in blocking UV rays,” lead author Professor Parisi explained in the study. Furthermore, beards might delay the ageing process, keeping the skin youthful, untouched by wrinkles and might even protect against cancer. “Sun exposure is the primary cause of photo-ageing and skin damage so it makes sense that if your face is covered by a heavy beard, it may well protect your skin from the signs of ageing,” Dr Adam Freidmann explained. The same applies to those with lots of hair on their heads, as Freidmann noted.

However, the thickness of the beard is essential. “UV protection depends on the thickness and density of the beard,” Dr Anil told the Independent. “There needs to be more studies but the current evidence does suggest that facial hair can protect against sun damage.”

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