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A low-fat diet might kill you, according to this study

Low-fat diets could increase your risk of early death by a quarter, as a Canadian research – which was based on studies on people in 18 countries – found.

The Lancet observed 135,000 adults and found that those who ate butter, cheese and meats outlived those who cut back on fats. The findings reveal that low intakes of fat increase the chances of early death by 13%, while consuming high levels of all fats cuts early death rates by up to 23%. The conclusions are opposite to the health advice we usually reveive – the NHS warns against consuming too much saturated fat (with a maximum of 30g for men and 20g for women), as it raises cholesterol levels and leads to heart disease.

Most of the times, people who cut out fat tend to replace it with carb-heavy products such as bread, pasta and rice. This way, the miss out on some important nutrients, as the Independent reports. Diets that rely mostly on carbs are some of the most unhealthy. Lead researcher Dr Mahshid Dehghan said anyone who gets more than 60% of their calories from carbohydrates is at risk of early death. Furthermore, the study discovered that those consuming refined sugar and processed meals had a 28% higher risk of early death.

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