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Gym etiquettes


Whether you are a regular gym lover or just in for an occasional workout there are rules you have to follow in a gym.

Here are some gym etiquettes can help you anytime:

Know your equipment

Once you enter the gym and choose your exercising machine, make sure you’re familiar with its functionalities; and if you don’t know how it works, don’t be afraid to call the attendant to help you out with it. Gym tools are there to be used properly and efficiently.


Wear a towel and smell nice

Exercising means a lot of sweat!! No one wants to see nasty sweat blotches on a seat you just got up from so always keep a towel with you. Oh and just to keep everything fresh and clean, do not forget to use deodorant!!

Put down your cell phone

This should be a no-breaker. Leave your phone either in your car or your locker. Believe me, it can save you so much time and stress. No one needs a distraction during their work-out; neither you… nor the people around you!

Pick up after yourself

Some people just don’t give up on littering, not even at a gym!! When at a gym, pick up your towels, wrappers, dumbbells or any other stuff. Once you have used a tool, place it back at its place rather than leaving them on the floor. This can help you avoid major accidents.

Be a good gym steward

Let the attendants know if something is broken or if a machine isn’t working. Avoid shouting or making loud noises and enjoy your work out peacefully.

Haroon Jilani