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The one object in your home with the highest number of germs

Surprisingly, the object that has the highest amount of bacteria is your kitchen sponge – the very item you use to clean other items.

A study published in Scientific Reports observed bacterial microbiome composition of kitchen sponges. Due to the moisture they retain and the food with which they constantly come into contact, sponges are the perfect place for germs to thrive. They spread germs around, although they are supposed to clean other surfaces.

The researchers found that sponges have a local density of 54 billion bacteria per cubic centimetres, which is the same amount estimated to exist in human feces, according to IFL Science. Among the bacteria, 36% was the typical human skin bacteria.


Some ways of getting rid of bacterial load include boiling or microwaving your sponges, as the Independent reports. However, the study found that “regularly cleaned” sponges contained the same amount of bacteria as uncleaned sponges.

Daisy Wilder