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Eating a big breakfast can actually help you lose weight

Making breakfast your biggest meal of the day is the key to a healthier weight, according to new research.

The seven year study included more than 50,000 participants over the age of 30 from the US and Canada that were monitored in health surveys. The data was further analyzed by researchers at Loma Linda University, California.

The study found that not skipping breakfast and having a larger meal for breakfast were associated with a decrease in Body Mass Index, according to the Independent. The significant decrease was relative to those who had dinner as their largest meal of the day. While BMI is not the best measure of weight or healthiness, other studies suggested that skipping meals can make you gain weight and damage you health.


A large breakfast can almost guarantee that a person is less likely to snack between meals and stick to a proper meal plan. Furthermore, proper fasts between meal times, like five to six hours between breakfast and lunch and 18 hours between dinner and the following breakfast might also help decrease BMI. The findings of the study can be seen in the Journal of Nutrition.

Daisy Wilder