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5 Ways to Combat Anxiety


Are you one of many individuals that struggle with anxiety? If so, here are five ways to cope.


If you suffer with anxiety you may worry excessively, have trouble sleeping, have tense muscles and have perfectionism. If you have anxiety you are not alone, according to, 40 million Americans above the age of 18 are affected by anxiety. This makes up almost 20 percent of the U.S. population. But fortunately there is hope. There are many different ways to cope with anxiety. Anyone and everyone that struggles with anxiety can find something that works for them. Here are five simple ways to combat anxiety.


Write in a journal or blog-Writing is a great way to get stuff off of your mind. Invest in a journal and just jot down your feelings or worries. You can write about the positives of your day or week and then when you are feeling down or anxious you can reflect on them.


Drink a lot of water (and avoid caffeine)-Let’s be truthful here, Dunkin’ Donuts is a billion dollar company for a reason. A lot of individuals turn to coffee in order to boost their energy for the day, but if you suffer with anxiety coffee is something you want to avoid because it can greatly elevate your anxiety. So instead of drinking coffee just drink water. It is much better for your overall health as well.


Have a distraction or hobby-Having a distraction or hobby is great for people with anxiety. Reason being, it takes their mind off of whatever is causing them to be anxious. You can play a sport, do yoga, meditate or get involved in an art form like painting or dance.


Be positive-This is a lot easier said than done for many people, but it is possible. Have a positive message for yourself whenever you feel like you are having a panic attack. Tell yourself that you can accomplish anything and everything will be alright. You can also breathe deeply.


Talk to friends or family members-Bottling up your emotions is not good for you at all, especially when you have anxiety. Do yourself a favor and find a trusted friend or family member and vent to them about how you are feeling. By doing this, you can relieve a lot of stress and feelings of self-consciousness.

Krystal Goethe

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