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Women’s handbags contain more bacteria than the average toilet

Women might be carrying more than their everyday essentials in their bags. Household experts listed bags as one of the worst places for germs, as the Independent reports.

As a new guide from the Good Housekeeping Institute shows, there are eight germ hotspots in the average household that harbour more germs than a normal toilet – and those include toothbrushes, remote controls and bathroom towels. However, since bags tend to travel everywhere and are often placed on floors, they are considered the worst of them all.

Some notoriously dirty ares – like kitchen worktops and toilets – are usually cleaned during household chores, so that leaves the less obvious places dirty. “Few of us have time to clean everything we should every week but ignore these everyday items at your peril,” the guide noted.

Other items that allow bacteria to accumulate freely include toothbrush bristles, remote controls, keyboards, laptop screens, towels, dishcloths, pet beds, carpets and kitchen sponges.

In order to prevent spreading of germs, you should hang your handbag on a hook or door handle instead of leaving it on the floor,close the toilet seat before flushing and soak your toothbrush head in mouthwash for around 15 minutes.

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