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Flexing your spiritual muscles is good for your health


Being religious may actually be associated with being a healthier person.

In an era of high technology wherein computers and the Internet seem to be taking over the world there appears to be less respect given for traditional values dealing with religion. However, for those people who wish to spend a little less time on social networking sites and a little more time praying just like people did in antiquity, there could be great advantages for their health.

Vanderbilt University has reported on worship being good for your health. According to researchers, people have less stress and live longer when they attend services at a mosque, church or synagogue. Marino Bruce, who is a social and behavioral scientist at Vanderbilt, says it is significant that these new research findings encourage people to take part in something, instead of telling them not to do something. Middle-aged adults who go to church or other places of worship lower their mortality risk by 55 percent according to this study.

Bruce, who is also a Baptist minister, says this research has overall supported the hypothesis that being religious, as determined by going to worship services, is associated with lower stress and better longevity. Bruce says that flexing your spiritual muscles is actually good for your health.

This study has been published in PLOS One. Researchers at Vanderbilt have found a significant relationship between attending church and mortality in middle aged adults. An independent positive effect of attending church on mortality has been noted. Being religious certainly seems to have it’s rewards for both general social welfare and the health of the individual.

Dr Harold Mandel

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