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You could live a lot longer while maintaining good health with a healthy lifestyle


There has been an increased awareness of the value of healthy lifestyles. It appears that you do not simply feel better with a healthy lifestyle, you may also live longer.

It has been reported by Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, München that your life expectancy can be anticipated to be increased by as much as seven years with a healthy lifestyle. You may add years onto your life if you do not smoke, drink alcohol only in moderation, and maintain a normal weight.

People who avoid taking part in health behaviors which are risky generally live a longer life. And the added years of life for these people are usually enjoyed in good health. In fact it has been observed from data from 14,000 individuals in the United States that people who never smoked and who are not obese overall lived 4-5 years longer than other people in the general population. These added years of life are usually free from disability.


Researchers have also found from this data that people who consume alcohol in moderation live seven more years free from disability than people in the general population. These people were found to have a total life expectancy which was better than that of the people of Japan which is a country where people often enjoy a long life.

It has been noted by the researchers that there is an association between smoking, unhealthy consumption of alcohol, and obesity with a decrease in life expectancy and an occurrence of disabilities earlier in life. The absence of all three of these risky health behaviors was observed to be associated with the most healthy years of life. This helps to highlight how important it is to practice prevention in dealing with health care.

This study has been published by Health Affairs. Researchers used data from the Health and Retirement Study to determine the value of healthy lifestyles for longevity. They studied people who were fifty years of age and older who were not obese, drank alcohol moderately, and who never smoked.

In comparison to the entire population people who had such a positive behavioral health profile had a life expectancy at age fifty years old which was seven years longer, and they had a delay in the onset of disability which was up to six years. Clearly adhering to a healthy lifestyle can go a long way in helping people to live a longer life while also staying in good health.

Dr Harold Mandel