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Could an imperfect posture actually be good for you?

As it turns out, slouching and slumping might not be so bad for us after all, as the Independent reports.

From a young age, we are being told that bad posture can seriously impair the structural health of our bodies. However, forcing yourself to sit pinned to the desk might do more harm than good. “The assumption that we all need to be perfectly aligned is just wrong,” Jack Chew, a spokesperson for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapytold the Times.

As Chew says, “nothing about our bodies is entirely symmetrical“, because “our organs aren’t positioned symmetrically; we each have a dominant side”. While bad position is being targeted as the key responsible for many ailments, it only remains one of many potential risk factors that might contribute to a health problem.

While lack of movement is not ideal for structural issues, the matter might have been overstated. Each person has a different ideal posture which might not be perceived as good alignment. Deviating from the norm, however, might cause things to go wrong, according to Chew.

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