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What you need to know before peak flu season

Flu season has begun in the United States with ten states reporting high levels of influenza activity, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

As flu season is expected to reach its peak in the next couple of weeks, here is what you need to know about influenza.

Peak flu season

Generally, flu season peaks sometime between December and February, though it has been reported as late as May. During a 34-year study period, the CDC found that in flu activity generally peaked more often in February than other months.

This year, public health experts believe the worst of the flu season has yet to arrive and is expected to peak in February..

How can you avoid getting sick

One of the most common ways to prevent getting sick is getting a flu vaccine. However, since it takes between 10 days to two weeks for antibodies to build up after the flu shot, you should consider vaccination early.

To prevent getting the flu follow a few easy steps like washing your hands and avoiding other people who are sick, to avoid being infected with the virus.

If you got sick take an antiviral so that you get over the infection more quickly. People with a weaned immune system should take the antiviral as quick as possible to reduce the duration of the flu symptoms, especially in the case of young and old people.

Alexa Stewart