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Five tips to beat the heat


Tip Zero: Buy and Air Conditioner and Never Leave the House

Tip One: Cool Points!

When you want to cool down quickly, place an ice pack on one of the cool points of your body. Your neck, wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles are all cool points that will carry the chilly sensation throughout your body.


Tip Two: Clear off your Sweat!

Sweat your body’s way off cooling off, but it needs to be wiped off to get the real effect. The day’s sweat covers your skin and pores and heats you up even further. Plan a moment in the day to freshen up. Deodorant, having a clean shirt, or knowing when you can shower or towel off can be a real relief during a hot day.

Tip Three: Eat Spicy!

The easiest way to work up a sweat in the summer is to eat spicy food. Exercise is still the best way to get sweating, but on the really hot days it’s safer to avoid exerting yourself and just chow down on some chilis.

Tip Four: Heat rises!

It’s true that heat rises, so the lowest level of your house will always be the coolest. A fixed up basement can be turned into an oasis from the heat.

Tip Five: Drink Smart!


Beers, sodas, energy drinks, and even juices may taste refreshing but they do little do rehydrate and their caffeine, alcohol, or high sugar content serve to heat up your body further. The best drink for summer is water or sports drinks that focus on rehydration.

Jack Logan