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AIDS/HIV is rampant in Atlanta, Georgia


Unfortunately HIV is spreading like wildfire, but you don’t have to let yourself become infected.

AIDS is a worldwide issue, but unfortunately in some parts of the world it’s an epidemic. In the capitol of peach state many individuals are being diagnosed.

Eight out of the ten states with the highest rates of new HIV diagnosis are in the south. If you live in the southeast, you’re more likely to be diagnosed with HIV than any other part of the country and in Georgia the risk of diagnosis is currently one in 51 which is extremely high.


Sadly HIV rates are very high in low-income areas that lack access to healthcare. Many individuals that live in Atlanta are either low-income or unemployed which is more than likely why this is such a pressing issue in city.

But despite this being such a dire issue there is good news. There is now national HIV testing day which is designed to raise awareness. After all, getting tested plays a big role in eradicating the HIV epidemic. As of right now over 1 million people in the US are currently living with HIV and 1 in 7 don’t even know that they are infected.

Many in the south are infected, but with the resources that are out there you don’t have to let yourself become one of them. Always use protection and GYT (get yourself tested).

Krystal Goethe