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Flip-flops are damaging your feet, according to this expert

Flip-flops are a great way to counteract the heat of the summer. However, the negative effects of flip-flops might make you think twice about wearing them.

Cuts, broken nails, chaffing, blisters, insect bites, sunburn, tripping – these are all common accidents. However, the effects run much deeper than that, as the Independent reports. Dr Christina Long of the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre in North Carolina associates shin splints, tendon issues and back pain with this type of footwear, as they significantly alter your stride. She says that they can cause a painful inflammation known as plantar fasciitis (jogger’s heel) – a disorder that results in pain in the heel and bottom of the hoot.

Flip-flops are unadvisable for certain tasks and activities, such as running, hiking, driving, sports or manual labour. “Flip-flops don’t offer any arch or heel support, and you have to grip them with your toes to keep them on,” Long told the Daily Mail. “Wearing them for too long or for the wrong activity can cause a lot of different problems.”


Sandals are the better choice for summer days, as they have the flexibility for your toes to bend. For those insisting on wearing flip-flops, Long said they are suitable for small periods of time. “Flip-flops are fine for short-term use, especially if they have at least some arch support and a cushioned sole,” she said. “They’re good to wear at the beach, around swimming pools, in showers and locker rooms at the gym, on short trips to the store.”

Daisy Wilder