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These 5 subtle signs prove you are smarter than average

There are certain details that could actually signal that you are smarter than average, according to the Independent.

1. You are bilingual

Bilingual and multilingual people might benefit from a slower rate of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Furthermore, it can affect your brain development and efficiency.


2. You are the oldest child

Oldest children have a tendency of scoring higher on IQ tests than their younger siblings, as this study suggests. This was related to familial environment, not genetic factors.

3. You are left handed

Around 10% of the world population consists of left-handed people. They have been shown to have better cognitive skills than the average person.

4. You are funny

The evolutionary advantage of being funny lies in our deeply-ingrained belief that funny people are attractive. Those who can “engineer” jokes constantly might be a bit smarter than average.

5. You doubt your intelligence


If you are capable and willing to spot errors in your own logic instead of believeing you are always right might be a sign of being smarter than the rest.

Daisy Wilder