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5 Tips for making the most out of your itty-bitty, living space (College Edition)


Now that you’ve started the semester, makes notes and come back stronger for Spring

With a new school year set to start in a few weeks, college freshmen in particular will be leaving the homes they had known most of their lives for a room in a dorm building that may or may not be as big as a closet. That’s just honesty. Regardless, room switches aside and school transfers as well, you’re going to have live there at least for a couple of weeks so how are you supposed to make it comfortable? Here are 5 tips for making that claustrophobic living space the room your new collection of mature and experienced friends will envy.

1.     Adjustable beds

Face it, no matter how you look at it those beds are miracles for small spaces. Adjust them so that your bed stands at its highest point and use all that space underneath by pushing your computer desk underfor an oasis of creativity or even better, throw a futon and add some fairy lights for both a romantic and surreal experience. Let stacking be your best friend here.

2.     Color is everything

This is a rule that does not just apply to fashion. Your favorite color could make your room look ten times smaller and your new friends might call Hoarders faster than you can show them around the space. Take a moment, as Jennifer Hunter says in her article for, to consider the amount of light your room gets and stick to airy neutral colors for the best results. Note: A splash of blue can help get those juices flowing when it comes to finals and mid-terms.

3.     Use that wall space!

This should be universal for anyone living in a small home and for incoming college kids its one that you’ll learn to take advantage of. Pot racks and knife racks, over-the-door hooks, and floating shelves will all become useful especially when you find that you can actually open those drawers and utilize counter/ top of your mini-fridge space.

4.     Transformer furniture (Yes, this is a real thing)

Furniture that can serve more than one purpose should be at the top of your “Things you’ll need for college list”. Want that futon but need the desk space, check out the BADA from Ecosystems which can be a desk during the day and a cozy couch by night. Not convinced? Click the link to witness the amazing transformation.

5.     Clean, clean, and yes, clean!

Yes, cleaning was never your strong suit but in college you actually have to clean unless you want Res life knocking on your door and telling you too. The moldy pizza sitting on the top of your fridge can only go but so far without stirring up a stink or even a few complaints from your roommate(s). Cleaning helps get rid of all the clutter and you’d be amazed what a single feather dusting or even a few minutes picking up stray clothing off your furniture can have.


Keep these simple tips in mind and you’ll be sure to create a welcoming space for not just your friends but peace of mine as well. Best of luck this year!

Nancy Sully

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