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Fitness Momma 40 Plus!


The ‘I Compete Natural’ Western Australian body building competition and the British ex pat mum of four.

The ICN (I Compete Natural) State Title competitions are held every year in Perth, Western Australia. They promote drug free natural fitness in several categories, with no age barriers. Popular amongst the health conscious Aussies this is an exciting event and extremely good fun too, and now they’re coming to the UK. It’s early days but ICN are confident it will be a success here too.


ICN promote healthy fitness stating “Innovation has been part of the ICN WA approach to become and remain the leaders in natural body building in the golden west. ICN WA covers the largest geographical area for natural competitors in Australia promoting drug free competition” This bio from the ICN WA Facebook pages indicates their healthy approach to competition and competitors alike.


One 44 year old British ex-pat mum of four, is indeed proving age is irrelevant and even a late starter can smash that barrier to fitness!

Originally from Newbury, England, Sara Higgs is now an Australian citizen living in Perth with four children aged between 7 and 14 years old.

Sara has been sharing her incredible journey on instagram account, MissyHiggs, and it certainly deserves to be shared as it is an inspiration for anyone battling depression, eating disorders and low self esteem.


Two years ago Sara had some difficult times and found herself depressed, barely able to function and struggling eat properly and as a consequence was constantly tired. She was going through the daily grind with no energy or inspiration. Despairing of life, it was at that time she was invited to go along in support of a friend competing at an ICN competition and was inspired to start bodybuilding too, she made the decision to hit the gym herself and start training to compete the following year.


Mentally energised by the attending the competition as a spectator, Sara found the determination to attend the gym regularly, and began to feel her personal strength returning, and along with studying a Sports Nutrician course to overcome her dietary problems, she found herself back on top of life with renewed vigour!


After building herself up with those early training sessions, she continued working on her strength and last year she took a leap of faith and entered the championships, in the Bikini section for over 40’s and came 4th. The following year she worked really hard to further increase her strength and build muscle mass, and with the support of her family last weekend she entered and came 3rd in the Fitness category for over 40’s and 5th in the Fitness Momma category. Her transformation is clear to see in the image below, and quite an achievement in just two years.


Sara’s message is clear, if she can do it so can you, with hard work you can achieve your goals whatever they may be. Sara is now a Personal Trainer when she isn’t competing, her Facebook page excerpt below features her progress in her own words


“So 1 day out until I take the stage again at ICN but this time in the fitness division. 18 months ago I began this crazy journey for my own personal reasons to show that barriers like age are not a factor, if you want something go get it… believe in yourself and the world is yours… I went from thin, unhealthy, stressed to standing here today, happy, healthy and confident in my own skin…


Why I started this journey? For me and for my beautiful babies… Picture on the left… 50kg, depressed, stressed, struggling to eat, function and live. The picture in the right… 18 months later, 58kg, happy, determined, confident, strong and living my life to the fullest… Don’t get me wrong it’s been a tough journey and I deal with my demons still but I can confidently say for the first time in a very long time ‘I’m happy in my own skin and happy with who I am.’


Do not ever give someone else the power to control your happiness. Happiness comes from within. Learn to love yourself. We are all uniquely different and amazing! Don’t give up…”


‘On the darkest nights the sun still comes up the next day’


Empowering words and you can see her personal transformation with more before and after shots on her Instagram account MissyHiggs, and her Facebook page, Sara Higgs-Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach. She is rapidly gaining followers on social media where she shares healthy recipes and fitness advice. Her next competition is in 2 weeks and I for one will be following Sara’s progress, hopefully all the way to first place!

Ami Kane

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