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VIDEO: The Hidden Danger of Wearing Flip-Flops

When flip-flops start making their appearance on the streets, you know summer has arrived. Even though they are super comfortable and you may really love them, doctors claim you should avoid wearing such footwear.

Why? There are several reasons. Usually, they don’t come with any cushioning, offering no arch support. That means you’re putting an unnatural amount of stress on your feet and toes with every stride you take. Also, they’re floppy.

They can make your stride slightly imbalanced, stumble and even break your ankle. They are a magnet for bacteria and germs that stick to the rubber sole, which is pretty gross.

The worst thing about flip-flops, socially speaking, is the fact that a lot of people seem to think that it is appropriate to wear them no matter where you are going and there’s no way flip-flops will work when you are going to a formal event.

Flip-flops should only be worn when you are going to the beach and are walking for a very short period of time so that your feet don’t get burned from the sand. All other times you should avoid this type of footwear at all cost.

According to, you have almost no stability due to the loose Y-shaped flip flops strap. It means the risk of tripping and slipping is higher in comparison with wearing other types of footwear. Doctors report many cases of injuries and sprained ankles as a result of wearing flip-flops.
Besides minor ankle or foot aches, wearing this footwear for a couple of hours a day will affect your overall health. It can induce stress fractures, heel ache, tendonitis and shin splints. If you wear flip-flops throughout the whole day it may induce plantar fasciitis.

This occurs because your foot ligament is being constantly pulled when you walk on hard surfaces due to the unstable flip-flops which do not provide any support while you are walking.
There are plenty of other reasons you should avoid these shoes, including the fact that they make bunions worse, they are made of different things of toxic materials, the straps can be thin enough to cause some awful blisters that will hurt a lot, you can even ruin your heels because your foot hits the ground with a huge force and they are also really bad for your posture.

Those that have a flat foot are the ones that are most affected because you require arch support and with flip-flops you have none so you shall have horrible shooting pains in our hips as well as your lower back.

If you think that all these things and all these challenges for your health are still worth wearing them then do so, but proceed with caution. Some people think that how you look is more important than how you feel, but when you’re in pain things seem a lot different.

Instead of wearing flip-flops make sure you wear closed-toe shoes. Closed-toe shoes protect you from slipping and tripping, provide stability for your back and protect your feet from dirt and dust.

Watch the video to find out all the reasons to avoid wearing flip-flops because there are a whole lot of them and you should make a conscientious decision:

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