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These Are the Most Luxurious Vacation Destinations that Anyone Can Afford

If you don’t make as much as a billionaire, not even close for that matter, but you wish to have a vacation that just screams opulence and makes you feel like a movie star, you should know that you have options.

You can have an amazing vacation without having to spend as much as a billionaire, you just need to know where to go, when to go and how to save money somewhere to be able to splurge on other things.

The destinations below are just amazing but you can visit them all without having to sell your house or sell your soul to the devil. According to the, it will only cost you a couple hundred dollars.


Average Daily Cost: $130

This border city is home to both French and Spanish culture — see? You’re already getting more for your money.

But seriously, think: ski slopes, beaches, thermal baths and amazing food.

(Yep, you can hop between authentic Spanish tapas and French cuisine like Candied violets, a regional specialty.)

If you’re after designer bargains, make sure you visit consignment shop Le Grenier d’Anaïs. Best of all, you can do it all for a whole lot less than Paris.


Average Daily Cost: $95

Cheaper than Santorini and far less touristy, Naxos is just as picturesque and historic (see: the unfinished Greek Portara Temple of Apollo).

Spend your afternoons swimming in the Mediterranean and your evenings sipping ouzo and eating fresh seafood while watching the most stunning sunsets in the world.

Average Daily Cost: $150

Nicknamed the Venice of the North, this adorable Dutch town was built without a single solid road — so if you want to get around, it’s all about the waterways.

A room at one of the thatched roof cottages goes for about $85 a night, and a private boat rental will set you back about $16 an hour.

If you get bored of the floral-lined canals (impossible), visit the Museum de Oude Aarde or The Histomobil, a rare car museum. Then head straight back to the water.

Average Daily Cost: $210

With the average daily cost of food, transportation and activities totaling just $50, it really doesn’t get more affordably luxurious than this.
And where else can you find five-star accommodations for just $160 a night?

(Hello, Raffles Hotel.) Get a sense of the local flavor with a tasting menu at The Tiger’s Eye, but be prepared to go early.

Because many restaurants shutter just after 9 p.m., you don’t need an excuse to turn in early and get plenty of rest.