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Creator of Sonichu Dead


Christine Chandler, best known for her popular webcomic, Sonichu, was pronounced dead by doctors at University Hospital on Lee St, Charlottesville today.

Popular trans rights activist, artist and youtuber Christine Weston Chandler passed away at Charlottesville’s University Hospital today. Doctors fought for hours to keep her alive, and although some sources suggest she was shot attending a recent gathering, at the moment the exact cause of death has not been confirmed.


Christine is best known for creating the popular webcomic ‘Sonichu’ and being mayor of the city of Cwcville.


Her many fans are shocked by this recent news. Many have commented on how tragic her death was, as she had finally finished her transition and was just beginning her new life as Christine.


Ms Chandler was well known and very active in the Charlottesville LGBT community, who are said to be devastated by her passing.


At this time nothing is known about funeral arrangements, but sources say there will be a livestream of the ceremony where comments will be read out so her many fans around the world can pay their respects and remember the many years of joy and laughter her comic series has given them.






James Rustler

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