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Greg Gianforte elected to Montana House of Representatives despite violent assault of a reporter


Republican senators following Trump’s unhinged lead and becoming rewarded for malevolence.

Trump’s influence on the Republicans has not been a positive one, rather, he has encouraged misogyny, violence, deception, lies, and tolerance of immoral actions to spread like a virus through the party, with potentially damaging results the Republicans will not recover from unless they change the destructive course they are on. Despite Gianforte body slamming Ben Jacobs to the ground for a simple question, his party blamed the victim, and Gianforte won the election despite his despicable, unprofessional, and short-sighted lack of impulse control. Donald Trump now clearly represents a party that no longer cares about morality, justice, or truth. These are commodities to become discarded, power and money are all that matters now to the Republicans, and their extreme budget cuts to everything in America but over bloated military spending is absolute proof of this travesty.

Even worse, other Republicans have rushed to defend Greg’s brutally violent actions, labeling Jacobs as dishonest and obnoxious, which still does not entitle someone to assault another human being to prove a point. When our political debates have devolved into primal fisticuffs and the blame game, Washington is acting like petulant children while dangling absolute power from a string, a genuinely dangerous sentiment. When those invested with power to protect American citizens see no moral quandary with violence, intimidation, and lies, integrity is but a ghost that is rapidly fluttering away from politics and the White House. America is in danger, and moral foundations our country became founded on are becoming spat upon, by the very party that claims to represent the word of the Christian faith, and that of God.


If the Republicans become complacent in covering up every lie, every insensitive and cruel action, and covering up every deception of the American people, they have lost their way. Both the Democrats and Republicans sadly, are losing their way and forgetting that the will of the American people comes first and foremost with every political step. They care more about lining their pockets with taxpayer dollars and exploiting the sick, weak, and vulnerable, then about seeking humanity, justice, or equality. This is an affront to everything that America stands for, and as a nation, we must unite against this tyranny or become consumed by it, with grave consequences for our future generations. Truth and humanity will become seen as a waste of time when children observe Republicans or Democrats gaining a position of absolute power, and maintaining it through lies and deceit. The karma facing the White House is unquenchable, and unless these politicians realize the magnitude of festering evil from within their swamplands and marshes, the swamp will never become drained of corruption or malice.

Simon Stravitz