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Girl rescues orange seahorse that was mistaken for a Cheeto

A little girl rescued an orange seahorse that she had initially mistaken for a Cheeto, with the animal quickly recovering and feeling much better.

The girl was walking down the Indian Shores Beach near Tampa, Florida when she saw the animal that she initially thought to be a Cheeto. As soon as she realised that it was actually a seahorse, she put it into her sand bucket, filled it with water and took it to her mom.

Her mother immediately contacted the Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) and took it to their headquarters. It there turned out that the seahorse was a female lined horse, the type that changes colours to match its surroundings.


“The chances of surviving being dropped by a seagull in the sand are small. It’s amazing because all of the things happened at the exact right time and probably only in a two-minute window for her to have survived.”Don Stansell, a marine biologist with CMA, declared.

The seahorse ate for the first time a week after her rescue and the staff even set up a webcam, where her recovery could be streamed live on the Facebook page of the CMA.

Rescued Seahorse, Cheeto's Story of Survival

Meet Cheeto, the lucky seahorse & learn her incredible rescue tale! You can watch Cheeto’s rehab journey on the LIVE web cam @

Posted by Clearwater Marine Aquarium on 6 Mai 2017

Lydia Peirce