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Meet Omar, probably the world’s longest cat

Omar, a three-year-old cat from Melbourne, Australia, might just be the world’s longest cat.

The Maine Coon measures 120 cm long, which would be enough for it to take the title of the longest cat in the world, basically being the same size as a small dog.

I’m not very impressed with this fame gig, but at least I have my little brother watching my back ? @penny_and_rafi . . . . #mainecoon #mainecoonsofinstagram #catsofaustralia #instacats #gingercat #overnightcelebrity #mediastar

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Besides being this long, Omar also weights 14 kg. For comparison, an average adult cat usually weighs between 3,6 kg and 4,5 kg.


Omar also benefits from a special diet that includes cat food specifically made for Maine Coons for breakfast and raw kangaroo meat for dinner.

Its Instagram account was set up by owner Stephy just a couple of weeks ago, but it quickly amassed over 13,000 followers after being discovered by the Cats of Instagram account.

Stephy has now been contacted by the Guinness World Records, that will verify Omar’s size and see if it will take the record from the officially verified longest cat, a UK Maine Coon cat named Ludo, who measured 118,23 cm in October 2015.

Despite his huge size, Omar still enjoys the things any other cat would, such as sleeping in all sorts of places and staying in boxes.

I am just like every other cat – I love a good box!!

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Lydia Peirce