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Bus station in Brazil becomes a home for stray dogs

Cold weather in Brazil has prompted staff at the Barreirinha bus terminal in Curitiba to provide shelter to the stray dogs that are enduring the cold. 

Since the winter season is barely beginning in Brazil, the stray dogs have been sheltered in the bus terminal. Staff have made beds from old tires for Max, Pitoco and Zoinho, and the animals were given food and water.

Animal lover Fabiane Rosa took some shots of the dogs at the bus terminal and she posted them on Facebook. ”These dogs in the community have a life much more worthy than some who are victims of abuse and neglect, hiding behind the walls. Understand this world is not the privilege of humans; God created the animals to teach us to love without conditions,” she stated in the description.

The images quickly became viral and amassed 10,000 shares and over 8,000 likes.

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