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Impressive: a man spent 36 years digging through a mountain to bring water to his village

A man in China’s Guizhou province proved incredible determination: for 36 years he dug through a mountain in order to provide locals in his village with a source of water.

Back in 1959, the small village of Caowangba experienced severe drought. Almost all water sources disappeared, with the rice cultures being destroyed as well and thus making people’s lives extremely difficult.

Surprisingly, the solution came from a 23-year-old local. Huang Dafa decided to dig a 10-kilometre canal that would provide water to the community. Since the canal had to go through a mountain, he was joined by other men in the village. The extremely difficult conditions made the other man abandon the work after a decade, though, according to


Nevertheless, Dafa did not give up. Moreover, he went on to study Engineering, and then returned to his home village with a more realistic plan.

In the early 1990s, the man succeeded in convincing the locals to join him once again. The new canal was ready in 1995, and the water started flowing towards Caowangba.

After 36 years, Huang Dafa managed to provide water to a community of 1,200 people.

The Chinese is now 82 years old and is considered a true hero.

Diane Stinsow