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Woman won £250,000 jackpot scratch card while trying to get change from a £10 note

Marilyn Scott, 27, needed to break a ten-pound note in order to pay for a two-pound bus ticket. In order to so, the woman purchased a National Lottery Purple scratch. She but forgot about it until the next day when she found it in her handbag and wanted to see what she had won. This is when Marilyn Scott realised she hit the jackpot, according to the Independent .

“Once I’d scratched it I couldn’t believe my eyes,” she told the Metro. “I had to ask a couple of my colleagues to check if it was real. When I saw it in my handbag I actually thought to myself ‘I could have been sitting here all day yesterday a winner.”


Scott is now planning to take her mother to Disneyland in October, on her 60th birthday. She also wants to travel and buy a house.

Daisy Wilder