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Baby born on Jet Airways flight received free air tickets for life

A baby that was born on a Jet Airways flight has received free air tickets for life, The Independent reports.

The baby boy was born on a flight to Kochi that had taken off from Damman, Saudi Arabia. As the mother entered premature labour, the flight got diverted to Mumbai, where the cabin crew and a trained paramedic onboard helped deliver the baby before the airplane even landed.

This is the first time the India-based airline experiences the birth of a child in mid-flight, so the company decided to celebrate this by giving the baby free air tickets for life.


Nevertheless, not all babies are this fortunate. When Virgin Atlantic had a baby born onboard, the child received free flights only until the age of 21, while another one born on a Jetstar Asia flight bound to Rangoon in 2016 received only £565 worth of baby supplies from the company.

Some babies that were born in mid-air even happened to receive nothing. A mother that prematurely gave birth on a Turkish Airlines flight in April from Conakry, Guinea, to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, got only a ride to the hospital, where both her and her child were declared healthy.

Lydia Peirce