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Lincoln Memorial Pool to undergo drainage after the death of 80 ducks

The Lincoln Memorial Pool in Washington D.C. will be drained following the death of 80 ducks over three weeks, with 53 of the ducklings dying in a single day.

The 80 ducklings reportedly died due to a parasite which grows in snails and lives by the pool. According to the federal agency, the chemical treatments are not strong enough to fight the parasite and snail population, so the pool will undergo drainage and cleanup.

It is expected for the drainage to take two days, with the interior to start being cleaned on Tuesday.


The parasite that is the culprit for the death of the ducklings is not dangerous for humans, and people that come into contact with it only have a chance at developing cercarial dermatitis, better known as “swimmer’s itch” which, despite being uncomfortable, rarely requires medical treatment.

The Lincoln Memorial Pool will start being refilled on June 16.

Lydia Peirce