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Bodies of Swiss couple uncovered after missing for 75 years


The bodies of Marelin and Francine Dumoulin were discovered in a melting glacier recently after missing for 75 years. The couple set out one day to take care of their cows and never returned home.

On August 15, 1942, Marcelin, who was 40 at the time, and his wife Francine, 37, said goodbye to their seven children unbeknownst to them, for the last time. The couple went out to feed their cows and didn’t make it back. They left behind them give sons and two daughters. Even sadder is the fact that these children were split up to various families and grew up practically strangers,



The two bodies were discovered on the Tsanfleuron Glacier. Bernhard Tschannen, the CEO of Glacier 3000, noted, “The bodies were lying near each other. It was a man and a woman wearing clothing dating from the period of World War Two.”


The couples’ youngest child, Marceline Udry-Dumoulin, now 79 years old, recounted her story to a Swiss newspaper. They quoted her saying, “We spent our whole lives looking for them, without stopping. We thought that we could give them the funeral they deserved one day.” Marceline and her family are finally getting their wish. Marceline went on to discuss how she feels at peace and that finding her parents has given her a “deep sense of calm”. Marceline also stated that she wouldn’t be wearing black for the funeral, but instead, white since it symbolizes hope, something she said she never lost.

Dan Calabrese