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Case filed against comedy Group AIB for meme against Indian PM Narendra Modi


Comedy group AIB has been accused of posting offensive content on Prime Minister Narendra Modi .A case by the cyber cell of the Mumbai police has been filed against Tanmay Bhatt ,one of the members of AIB.

In yet another incident of curbing freedom of expression the Mumbai cyber cell filed a case against comedy group AIB for posting offensive content against the PM Narendra Modi

This comes in the wake of a meme posted by AIB with a doppelganger of the Prime Minister at a railway station, along with a photo of PM Modi with a Snapchat dog filter, captioned #wanderlust. Now this meme and post created a twitter war with people calling the post offensive,anti-nationalistic and disrespectful.


The post was notified to the Mumbai Police by a twitter user who than forwarded it to the cyber cell.

The groups member Tanmay Bhatt posted his displeasure but the group eventually deleted the post after the backlash.



Many artists have come out in support of AIB with artists like Jose Covaco supporting the group and questioning the freedom of the medium.


Controversy is not new to AIB. In 2015 they were trolled, abused and threatened after they organized a roast with famous celebrities like Ranveer Singh, Arjun Singh and Karan Johar. THe roast had sparked a nationwide debate of the roast being against indian values and in bad taste.

Ridhima Bhatnagar