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Father surprised by co-workers with billboard that announces family’s first baby girl in 137 years

For the first time in 137 years, a baby girl has been born into a family in South Carolina – an event celebrated in a not-so-subtle way.

The co-workers of the father, Will Settle, decided to surprise him by making a giant billboard on the state’s highway to showcase the news, according to the Independent. Will and his wife, Kellen, were surprised at the sight of the billboard that stretched 24-foot-across and 12-foot tall with the message ““Welcome to the World Carter Louise Settle.”

New father surprised by co-workers with billboard
The billboard could be found along a South Carolina highway (Photo: Kelen and Will Settle)

“When I first saw it, it was an ‘Oh my God’ moment,” Will Settle, 38, told ABC News. “It is so pink [and] so large. It’s pretty obnoxious, I hate to say. It is so in your face, you wouldn’t believe it,” he added. I think it’s a very, very cute idea and it’s going to be a fun story for her. It’s exciting,”


When baby Carter was born, everyone was shocked. “I was like, ‘What’s going on? This just can’t be possible.’ I was absolutely shocked. We had the whole family there. My mother just went nuts. My mom always wanted a daughter. She was absolutely ecstatic. She could not believe it,” Settle explained.

New father surprised by co-workers with billboard
Four generations of men in the Settle Family (Photo: Kelen and Will Settle)

The decision to name the little girl Carter had its roots in the couple’s wish to have a daughter with a “really strong name” that “you don’t hear every day”, according to Yahoo News. “She’s going to have to be strong with all the men she’ll deal with in the Settle family,” Settle said.

The co-workers at Marlin Outdoor Advertising knew how to surprise their director of sales by placing the billboard somewhere he would see it on his drive. The owner of the company told Will that there would be a surprise for him between Bluffton and Savannah. “He wanted me to drive down to Savannah and then turn around. The billboard is about half way. It’s right on the road,” he said.

However, the surprise didn’t stay under the radar too long. The couple had already received 15 texts and calls from friends who had seen the billboard before they got the chance to do so. “My friend said, ‘What a great way to keep it low key,” Settle joked.

Daisy Wilder