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Chris Christie’s Beachgate decision immortalized in memes


The Friday before July 4th was an eventful one for New Jerseyans and those hoping to spend their 4th of July weekend at the Jersey Shore. The state legislature was not able to reach a compromise for the budget and subsequently, state parks and beaches were shut down.

On Sunday, July 2, photos surfaced of Chris Christie spending time soaking in some sun with family and friends at Island Beach State Park. Needless to say, people were outraged. Christie’s approval rating in New Jersey is already extremely low, depriving the state’s citizens from its beaches on Independence Day weekend is not how you want to regain some popularity back. Chris Christie felt no remorse for his decision to enjoy a closed beach that the public was not allowed to enter. He was quoted saying, “I’m sorry they’re not the governor.” Christie even bashed the Star Ledger, a New Jersey paper that published the pictures, saying, “They actually caught a politician being where he said he was going to be with people he said he was going to be with, his wife and children and their friends. I am sure they will get a Pulitzer for this one.”

Fortunately, the state was able to come to a compromise and the beaches were reopened on July 4th, but Christie’s decision had already rubbed people the wrong way, and inspired a lot of new memes depicting the governor from the picture taken of him lounging on the beach and photoshopped into different beach photos.


A few of note include, C-Day, showing Christie amidst the D-Day invasion during WWII. Someone else shopped him into a photo with the Jersey Shore cast members. Some others include Christie sitting alongside some of the cast of Gilligan’s Island, relaxing on the Titanic, and sitting on the park bench with Forrest Gump.

Dan Calabrese